1.Entrance is everything
Stepping into any home, the first impression is the design of the entrance. Decorate the exposed space with wall shelf units that can hold keys, letters, sunglasses and other gadgets, creating a unique and peaceful welcome area. Before you enter the door, you can use a huge decorative mirror for the final makeup. Hang the hook on a wooden shelf to provide extra storage space for coats, hats, wallets and other items. Benches under the wall with storage areas are also ideal for storing shoes.

2.Use every inch
Urban residents have to face small kitchens, and it is impossible to have enough countertop space for cooking and storage. Therefore, the use of every inch of wall has become a necessity, and the floating installation of vertical rustic kitchen shelves is an excellent solution for narrow areas. Placing daily utensils neatly on these shelves can reduce the time wasted during cooking, and unused items and small tools can be placed on the shelves above. These elegant wooden shelves can also be used as spice racks and mini vegetable gardens.

3.Manual built-in
Some houses are equipped with custom built-in storage units, but it is impossible to have these luxurious features in an apartment. So put all the pots and pans in one place and use empty bookcases or display cabinets in the kitchen to create artificial solutions. This can be used as an additional pot holder, and all your kitchen essentials can also be stored in a structured way through this integrated space.

4.Make things work
Turn every function in the home into a multi-dimensional functional space. The sofa bed used as a seating area can be converted into a guest bed for the night. Add a display corner stand for stacking nostalgic music records, books and artworks. Therefore, even in a small space, you will eventually have a designated entertainment area. These shelves can also be used as floating bar units when you are hosting large family gatherings.

5.Metal dressing table
When you are tired of installing cabinets or high-end expensive items as a dressing table, you can use industrial metal shelves to store all your makeup essentials. Owning a jewelry storage box will do wonders for your personalized necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. By organizing them appropriately on these metal shelves, plan which jewelry to wear during the week. Decorate the exhibition with fairy tales or mood lighting to make things interesting.

6.Simple basket
One of the cheapest storage methods is to add coconut shell baskets as display items, they can easily fit into any space. You can decorate these baskets on the shelves in the kitchen, entrance, laundry room or even closet. They are versatile and can be used to store shoes, books, magazines, cosmetics and other gadgets.

Therefore, SRIWATANA decorations can beautify any space within a few minutes, and you will have an excellent storage solution for these products. With just a little bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can use these indoor objects to build the home of your dreams.