Founded in 2016, SRIWATANA is committed to bringing vitality to everyday items through original design that alter the overall aesthetics of a home. At SRIWATANA, we believe beauty has no  boundaries. Good design offers an emotional connection to people. We wish to  share a simple, beautiful and sustainable lifestyle with you!

Nowadays, SRIWATANA has an award-winning design team – 5 men and women from all over the world and notable outdoor product designers – remains the heart and soul of the company. SRIWATANA provides an open and comfortable work space  for the diversified team. We highly appreciate both individual contribution and  team work. We encourage communication, share, and innovation, so that every  team member can enjoy the satisfaction from their achievements!

As a new star in home design, SRIWATANA has featured an original, casual, contemporary and affordable design, whose  products are available in the United States, European countries and Japan. SRIWATANA devotes to designing and manufacturing products for every room, including wall shelves, photo frames, jewelry organizer and other more decorative hardware.