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About Product

Bathrooms: it helps to increase storage space for soaps, towels, plants and candles. They help to minimize clutters. They also serve as wall statements in vanity and bathroom spaces.

In-between spaces: Every home is filled with in-between spaces that serve as a perfect place to install floating shelves.

Desk storage: Home offices are places where floating shelves are mostly embraced. It gives the room a professional look where it helps to beautify the space, and indicates the person is organized. 

Nursery and children’s room: The shelves are made regarding the theme of the room. On these shelves, the typography of the child’s name are placed to make the room look chic. On a child’s room, books and toys are placed.

The price range for the float70 each. This will depend on many factors including the type of material used, durability, design, overall quality, the size, thickness, and length of the shelf. 

Floating shelves are trending. The arrangement of the shelves can be made to provide a décor statement. They are useful and helps to fill open spaces on the wall. They minimize clutters and are very useful in the modern days.

Floating shelves are normally found in different retails stores in the US.

Floating shelves are strong even though their support is not visible. They appear to be floating on the wall with no brackets. The strength of the shelves depends on how they are mounted on the wall. 

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